Volspiro comes from the Latin words “Volo,” which means to take off, and “Inspiro,” which means to inspire. These two words embody our goal and purpose of inspiring our clients and helping them take off on the right path toward the next level of success they are envisioning.

Volspiro was created with one main purpose: To arm individuals with purpose and passion so they can achieve your professional and personal goals. Some of us might look back at our career path and wish we had more guidance to help us get where we wanted to be.

If I had known exactly what my strengths, weaknesses, passions, and goals were right after high school, I would have avoided a long period of trial-and-error. I switched major constantly throughout college and job-hopped in completely different industries, not knowing exactly what I wanted to do after graduation.

This all changed once I had an epiphany. I realized that I had mentored quite a few friends and colleagues throughout my career. I absolutely enjoyed this and knowing I helped make a difference in their career. Volspiro was then born, I fulfilled the need to help others out by guiding them and helping each person discover their purpose.

The business coaching aspect of Volspiro aims to assist students in high school figure out what the next step in life is. Volspiro assists with determining goals and strategies that align with a students interest and passions.

Business coaching is also geared towards students in college and young professionals trying to gain an advantage in the job market. It is also for someone who is established in their career but a sudden change within their company or themselves has them questioning their path. Volspiro will only take you on as a client or mentee if we feel we can make a difference in your life.

As for Small Business Consulting at Volspiro, we are vastly aware that small business owners need help implementing processes, brainstorming new sources of revenue, marketing to the correct audience, and – most importantly – with how to balance all of this with limited time.


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