Success Stories


Corey Nuziard

“I have known Bobby over the course of 10+ years. I reached out to him when I was in transition for a new job opportunity. It had been awhile since I had been in the job market. He went over what I was looking for in a new position. He revamped my resume, reviewed interviewing techniques, and showed clever ways to get noticed by companies I had targeted. He also reminded me the importance of finding a position with a company that aligned with my goals. I recommend Bobby for anyone looking for a business coach that doesn’t just dole out advice, but one who can enable others to achieve personal growth through difficult times.

Sonali Pandhe, PhD

“I came across Bobby’s LinkedIn page by pure coincidence, after reviewing his profile and reading about his company Volspiro; I reached out to him to gain some insight in a particular industry. I would like to recommend Bobby as a business, career, and personal development coach. He met with me a few times to discuss what my passions and goals were and how of he could be of assistance. He made an extra effort to  understand my questions, background, and goals before giving any recommendations. He was always positive, motivating, encouraging, strategic, and inspiring to my professional development. He is extremely passionate about his work. I would recommend him to any young professional looking to make a difference in their career development, trying to achieve personal goals, or trying to succeed in their business”

Nitin Kushwaha

“Bobby helped consult my company by exploring options on how to make my business more profitable and reduce expenses. He listened intently on what I was looking for and the type of success I had envisioned. His solutions were quite creative and walk me through each step of the process. His demeanor was laid back but his planning was strategic and precise. I recommend him as a consultant for a small business owner.”


Tony Paradis

“The bottom line is that Bobby helped me increase my bottom line. We went through all the areas of my business (fitness and nutrition industry) and then focused on the obstacles getting in my way to making more $. In my case, Bobby coached me on my sales tactics, sales handouts, and a presentation that went with my sales pitch. Now instead of getting 1/10 people to sign up for my services, I get 9/10. I’m 25 and have 1 year of business experience. I should probably be broke and in debt but I’m not thanks to Bobby. In fact, I’m making more $$ than most of my peers in the industry just because of adopting his sales approach. What more can I say?”

Dr. Catherine Stevenson

“Bobby really took the programs at the Richardson Tennis Center to a new level of excellence. He has not only been excellent in the quality of individual and group instruction he provided to my daughter and other youth, he did so in a way that truly motivated and inspired the students toward their goals. He is a joy to work with, and maintains a manner which is respectful and approachable, while also demonstrating competence and reliability. Bobby’s program development at the tennis center added greatly to the availability of quality opportunities to serve a variety of our community’s needs. I have no doubt that he will contribute greatly to his future ventures, and  will be a pleasure to work with”


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