Greg Harp

“I have been mentoring Bobby for almost a year in the DFW American Marketing Association Mentor/Protégé program. In my experience with him, he is inquisitive, adaptable, teachable, and competitive. Bobby is well organized, thinks well on his feet and brings energy to whatever he touches. I recommend Bobby for any position that needs a jolt of energy paired with a well-organized planner.”


Jeff Kissinger

“I had hired Bobby at AT&T almost 2 ½ years ago. He had just finished his master’s and wanted a new challenge. In my experience with him, he was quite the enthusiastic learner. He had come to AT&T with no prior experience working in the Telecom industry. His inquisitive spirit and devotion to understand complex systems were very advantageous to his quick learning curve. He has helped our team deliver high-level projects to our executive leadership. I would recommend Bobby for any position that involved strategic initiatives, relationship building, substantial cross-communication, and coordination.”

Bonnie Hippenstiel

“Bobby has the wonderful ability to connect with people and be a part of creating a team environment. This personality strength comes naturally to him and serves as one of his biggest assets. He has been an integral member of a newly formed marketing team at IFA and has made a major contribution to establishing creative solutions that assist our sales directors. Always looking at challenges from a different perspective gives him a unique voice in problem-solving. Bobby’s drive to finish his MBA while working full-time is evidence of his ability to hold a long term vision while focusing on immediate at-hand responsibilities.”

Carson Gibbons

“I have networked with Bobby on a consistent basis for close to a year now and have always been impressed with his strategic way of meeting new people and providing value to their lives and careers. He’s introduced me to friends and colleagues that were worth my time and attention. He is a fixture in the DFW marketing networking scene and will be for a long time”


Leslie Stotts

“Bobby worked for me as Director of Event Marketing at iChill. Bobby is a creative individual with a strong work ethic that is dedicated to his job. His demeanor is always positive and energetic. He has a knack for bringing out the best in people. I feel that he has great potential to do amazing things in marketing and advertising field.”


Bo Carter

“Bobby Miller is the consummate young professional and helped the TWU student newspaper – The Lasso – increase its ad sales and revenue some 75 percent from 2010 to 2011. He has a bright future in the business and marketing worlds, and I heartily recommend him for a wide variety of positions both in marketing and media.”


Ashley Phillips

“Bobby is a great supervisor. He is very approachable with issues and is able to analyze and resolve the issue at hand. His attention to detail and ability to multitask makes him a true asset. Furthermore, Bobby has superior soft skills.”



Rex Cuajunco

“Bobby is an enthusiastic personality who comes across as very willing to listen and learn about the business side of tennis; I think he would be a good fit as a teaching professional either in a public or private club environment”



Dr. Kerry Webb

“Bobby is an energetic and inquisitive person. He is very positive, collegial, and collaborates very well with others. In my experience, he was quite adaptable, competitive, and conscientious. He demonstrated a strong commitment to excellence and was a motivator who was able to bring out the best in others. Bobby will likely excel in any position that involves working with people and that requires a creative mind.”


Dr. David Rylander

“Bobby Miller has been an enthusiastic student in two of my classes and outside of class. He performs well in class, has practical work experience, has multiple talents, and I believe he has great potential for success.”